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Decorative mouldings

Decorative mouldings

Decorative and small mouldings

At Metsä Wood we offer a wide range of high quality softwood pine, oak and hardwood decorative mouldings. Manufactured from slow-grown premium redwood timber, which are precision finished and fully machined.

Profiles include Panel Mould, Staff Bead, Quadrant and 'D' Mould.

Our decorative mouldings are sourced from well managed and sustainable forests and are PEFC or FSC® certified.

Glass_Bead_Wedge.jpg TM961 PINE WEDGE 12X15MM.JPGWedge 12x15mm
Panel_Moulding.jpgTM775 PANEL MOULD 9X8MM.JPG Panel Mould9x28mm
Parting bead profile.jpgTM651 PARTING BEAD 21X8MM.JPG Parting Bead8x21mm
Ovolo glass bead profile.jpg TM495 OVOLO GLASS B 13X12 VER1.JPG Ovolo Glass Bead 12x15mm
Double astragal Profile.jpg TM520 DOUBLE ASTRAGEL 21X9MM.JPG Double Astragal 9x21mm
Staff bead profile.jpgTM650 STAFF BEAD.JPG​Staff Bead​15x21mm
Scotia Profile.jpgTM733 SCOTIA 21X21MM.JPG​Scotia​21x21mm 14x42mm 15x15mm
Glass bead profile.jpgTM572 PINE GLASS BEAD15X9MM 1.JPG​Glass Bead​9x9mm 9x12mm 9x15mm
Stripwood profile.jpgTM629 PSE 44X6MM.JPG​PSE​12x12mm 21x21mm 9x21mm 6x44mm 12x34mm 12x21mm
Quadrant1 Black Profile.jpgTM673 TM672 TM674 QUADRANT 18X18MM.JPG​Quadrant​9x9mm 12x12mm 15x15mm 18x18mm 21x21mm
Half_Round.jpgTM590 TM589 HALF ROUND 18X6MM.JPG​Half Round​6x12mm 6x18mm
Ovolo Stop profile.jpgTM55124 DOORSTOP 34X12.JPG​Ovolo Stop​12x34mm
Broken_Ogee.jpgBroken Ogee 15X8MM.JPG​Broken Ogee​8x15mm
Angle profile.jpgCUSHION CORNER 21X21MM.JPG​Angle​21x21mm
Barrel Mould Profile.jpgBARREL MOULDING.JPG​Barrel Mould​9x21mm 12x34mm
Angle profile.jpgCUSHION CORNER 21X21MM.JPG​Cushion Corner​30x30mm 35x35mm



Scotia Profile.jpgOM001 OAK SCOTIA 15X15MM.JPG​Scotia​15x15mm
Half_Round.jpg OM003 OAK HALF ROUND 18X5MM.JPGHalf Round 6x18mm
Quadrant1 Black Profile.jpgOM010 OAK QUAD 15X15MM VER1.JPG Quadrant15x15mm
D mould Profile.jpgOM005 OAK DMOULD VER2.JPG 'D' Mould6x21mm



D mould Profile.jpgRTM844 RTM846 DMOULD 31X6MM VER1.JPG​'D' Mould​6x46mm    6x31mm           6x21mm
Glass_Bead_Wedge.jpgHTM888 WEDGE BEAD 15X12MM VER2.JPG Wedge12x15mm
Firecheck Profile.jpgHTM889 FIRECHECK HSTICK 26X23MM.JPG Firecheck23x26mm
Dowel Profile.jpg RTM827 2DOWEL 25MM.JPG Dowel

6x6mm            9x9mm        12x12mm      15x15mm     18x18mm     25x25mm