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Softwood architraves

Softwood architrave

Softwood architrave profiles

​​​​​​​​At Metsä Wood, we offer a range of high quality softwood architrave boards. Our softwood architrave boards are manufactured from slow-grown, premium redwood timber, which is precision finished and fully machined. Architrave profiles include torus, ogee, ovolo and many more.

Our softwood architraves are sourced from well managed and sustainable forests, and are PEFC certified.

Below is our full range of softwood architrave boards. Please refer to our Machined Mouldings brochure for sizes and timber grades. 

Profile Nominal (mm) Finish (mm)
Ogee_ARC profile.jpg SW_OgeeArch Profile.jpgOgee

25x63 25x75

20.5x57 20.5x69

Torus_ARC Profile.jpgtorus architrave profile.jpg Torus



lambs_tongue_ARC profile.jpgSWLambsTongue_Architrave.jpg Lambs Tongue



Large_round_ARC profile.jpg large round.jpg Large Round

19x50 19x75

14.5x44 14.5x69

Ovolo_ARC Profile.jpg SW_Ovolo_Arch.jpg Ovolo



Rounded_arris_(R1a)_ARC Profile.jpgSW_Rounded1Arris_Arch_.jpg​Rounded 1 Arris (R1A)

16.7x50 19x75

​12x44 14.5x69

Pencil_round_ARC profile.jpgSW_PencilRound_Architrave.jpg​Pencil Round



Chamfered_ARC profile.jpgChamfered Arch.jpg​Chamfered

​19x50 19x75

14.5x44 14.5x69

Ogee_Bead_ARC profile.jpgSW_OgeeBead_Arch_.jpg​Ogee and Bead

​19x75 19x100

14.5x69 14.5x94

Rounded_arris_(R2a)_ARC profile.jpgSW_Rounded2_ArrisA.jpg​​Rounded 2 Arris (R2A)

16.7x50 16.7x75 19x75

​12x44 12x69 14.5x69