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Finnframe Installation App

​​​Accessible from any smart phone or tablet (Windows, Android or iOS based), the app provides static drawings of design details and animated sequences demonstrating the correct installation procedure.

The Finnframe Installation application works in conjunction with the Finnframe specification provided by Metsä Wood for our housebuilder customers. Detailed design drawings will identify specific details by code - eg M2a - and the contractor will simply cross reference the code with the app on their phone to watch the brief annotated video.

This information is currently provided in the form of technical drawings on the reverse of detailed site plans. This guidance may not be readily to hand for all contractors, so the app provides immediate on-the-spot information.

Following extensive research with customer and construction site staff, the app has been developed in order to eliminate errors in the installation process. Eliminating the need to visit sites that are held up due to incorrect installation or handling of a product was cited as a real concern by the customers that Metsä Wood engaged with during the development process.

​​ This is not an app for 'app's sake'. We have listened to our customers who all recognise that remedial action is expensive and time-consuming, so any tool that can help get the job done right first time, every time, will ensure the build process is more efficient and will help both contractor and client. Our aim is that downloading the app becomes standard site practice and will be included in tool box talks on all sites using the Finnframe system.

​We have just released an app for contractors and site managers involved in the installation of the Metsä Wood Finnframe flooring system. Available to access now on iOS, Android and Windows.

To visit the app, please click on the relevant link below:

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