Finnwood UK


Structural timber design software

FINNWOOD® provides the user with a structural design tool for structures made of Kerto® LVL and Finnjoists. It allows the user to freely define the geometry and loads of the structure; the complete structural analysis can be saved as a Finnwood file or printed out in PDF format.

This free calculation software is based on BS EN 1995-1-1 2004 + A1 (2008) and UK NA (Oct 2012) + A2 (2014), which enables structural engineers and architects to compare and calculate wood sections easily.

The software can calculate wooden load-bearing elements including plates, beams, purlins, rails, walls and columns, all of which can be calculated in materials such as Kerto® LVL and Finnjoist®. The software offers the possibility to quickly achieve a reliable and optimal design with all materials from Metsä Wood.

To help simplify calculations, FINNWOOD® contains a library with a number of pre-programmed standard situations, which the user can select. All relevant loads, dimensions and element types can then be changed by the user. The software then carries out all necessary checks and helps to quickly gain insight into the behaviour of the structure and the optimal profile dimensions. Changes in the design of the construction are always automatically calculated.



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