Finnwood design software


At your fingertips

Simple and easy to use, Finnwood® software performs calculations for individual beams and columns made of Kerto® and other Metsä Wood products. A user-friendly interface makes designing structural members fast, efficient and effective.

Finnwood enables users to freely choose the geometry of the structural system including spans, support widths, slopes and loadings. After the geometry and loads have been selected, the software calculates the optimal member size and prints out full structural calculations - simple!

The software has been localised for the USA and for many European countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium. Each localization calculates according to the locally valid building code or standard, such as NDS (USA) or Eurocode 5 and its National Annex.

Finnwood software can be downloaded free of charge from a country's Metsä Wood web site or obtained from a local Metsä Wood office. For the website delivery, please click on the relevant country link on the right hand side of this page.

Different language versions

Finnwood in Finland can also be used in the English language. Go to the "Finnwood in Finland" -link to the right and from there choose the English language.

Finnwood design software tutorial videos

If in need of tutorial videos, you will find some from below. Tutorials give an overview of some of the handy features built into the software. With these videos, it is quick to learn the basic principles of e.g. fire or hole design with Finnwood.

Manage material databases

Fire design for wooden structures

Advanced design settings

Design of holes and other details in wooden structures