Metsä Wood Online is a B2B platform for ordering products and tracking deliveries.

Online makes placing orders fast and tracking orders simple. It always offers the best deal and right products based on mutual negotiations and your annual contract with Metsä Wood’s sales representative. Documents and data are safely stored in one place. No more looking for documents from dozens of emails and servers!

Here you can find information on what Metsä Wood Online is, why you should use it and how to get Metsä Wood Online to help you with your daily tasks.

If you don’t have a Metsä Wood Online username yet, please contact your Metsä Wood sales representative for more information.

Fast and easy buying


 We want to ensure that Metsä Wood Online’s modern order process is an easy and pleasant experience.
Even if you have never used Metsä Wood Online before, making the first order is simple.

“Using Metsä Wood online is very simple, because you have different choices: the type of material, the week of delivery and the material you want to order,“ says Gertrud Gruber from the buying department of Panalex.

 “Placing an order is quite fast, you just select the different dimensions and amounts – normally it takes only a few minutes.” The orders are saved as templates, with which it is easy to make repetitive orders if needed. 

”I like that I can place orders with a few clicks. It’s also a great advantage to see the estimated delivery time,” says Gruber.


Instant confirmation 


 Metsä Wood Online is open 24 hours every day, including national holidays. It is independent of time, place and people. However, Metsä Wood Online is not just any other web shop: every user organization has their own tailored view with unique pricing and quantities agreed upon with Metsä Wood’s sales. There are also personal offers and discounts updated regularly according to user agreements.

Orders can be placed at Metsä Wood Online any time of day, and the order confirmation will be in your inbox right away. Orders are then processed without a contact person needing to accept the order first.

“In my opinion, it is helpful to receive the instant order confirmation via email, because then you can check it immediately. And if there is something wrong, you can react quickly,” says Gertrud Gruber from the buying department at Panalex.


Documentation in one place


Documentation is always kept safe in Metsä Wood Online. Whenever someone from your organization needs access to order confirmation or statistics in order amounts, the information can be found in Online.
Even if the person responsible for using Metsä Wood Online is on holiday or changes jobs, all the documents are still safe and easy to find. Thus, the new person responsible is ready to start work without having to look for old documents and data from the depths of servers.

”Online is a must when covering for colleagues during holidays. If a customer asks a question regarding their order and a colleague has placed the order, I can also see what is going on with it,” says Janne Siipola, Kesko K-Puu’s Sales Advisor.

In Metsä Wood Online, you can find every detail from purchase stage to payment in one place. Account summary helps to see statistics regarding orders, for example their frequency and delivery times, and handy graphs are always available.

”You can see the past and present situations and the estimated date of completion. I keep track of what has been going on,” tells Siipola.

All documents are stored automatically and can be easily accessed whenever needed. The documents are helpful for example when preparing for quarterly meetings with your sales contact.

”The mobile app is a salesperson’s order book. I am rarely in front of my computer at the office – I’m either driving to the customer or I’m at the customer, or at the warehouse,” Siipola says.


Real-time information 

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

With Metsä Wood Online, managing production and business is swift and future planning is easier with real-time information independent of time and place. You can always see products and prices, factory specific product availabilities and dimensions as agreed and allocated to you.

Metsä Wood Online has offers with always the best deal and right products based on mutual negotiations and annual contract with Metsä Wood sales representative. User also sees on a weekly basis, which products are available at the time and what sized can be ordered at any which time.

Transparencyin production & deliveries   

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

In Metsä Wood Online, you always find your orders’ estimated time of arrival (ETA).
Better yet, whenever the ordered products are transported by sea, Metsä Wood Online provides a direct link to live track the delivery, as well as selected ground transportation companies.

You will always have an up-to-date estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your orders to help you be better prepared for unloading. In Metsä Wood online, you have transparency to see when the deliveries are

  • in planning
  • in production
  • to be delivered and
  • leaving the factory.

”The mobile app works best when one customer has several projects and ongoing orders. Everything can be viewed at once with arrival times and amounts, and the current status of each order,” explains Janne Siipola, Kesko K-Puu’s Sales Advisor.

”Additions and changes to orders are easy, when all the order information is available fast.”