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Fixing instructions

How to guides for decking, cladding & flooring

Decking Instructions

Decking fixing instructions​

This guide will help you when choosing the type of fixings to use, where to place the fixings and other practical recommendations – depending on the type of deck board you are using.


Composite Instructions

Composite decking fixing instructions​

In addition to the manufacturer's fixing instructions, here are some notes that highlight specific guidance from Metsä Wood.

Softwood Cladding Instructions


Softwood cladding​ fixing instructions

These fixing guidelines relate to most types of profiled softwood timber cladding manufactured by Metsä Wood UK. 

Flooring Instructions

PTG flooring fixing instructions

These instructions relate only to the fitting of Metsä Wood softwood flooring products. For information relating to the substructure and joist requirements, please refer to COP BS8201:2011 or seek professional advice.