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Kerto® manual



January 2016

Kerto® products are manufactured according to nominal dimensions. Due to the manufacturing process there may be slight variation between the product and nominal dimensions. This slight deviation in dimensions is called tolerance. When Kerto® products leave from Kerto mill in Finland, their dimension tolerances are within the limits in Table 1 and the product moisture content is between 8-10%. Figures from 1 to 3 show the dimensions and their direction from Table 1.

Table 1: Kerto-S, Kerto-Q, Kerto-Qp and Kerto-T (moisture content 10 ± 2 %).

Size​ ​Min ​Max
Thickness ​ ​​t ≤ 27 mm​-1,0 mm+1,0 mm
​27 mm < t ≤ 57 mm​-2,0 mm​+2,0 mm
t > 57 mm​-3,0 mm​+3,0 mm
Height / Width​< 400 mm​-2,0 mm+2,0 mm​
​​≥ 400 mm​-0,50 %​+0,50 %
​​Length​all​-5,0 mm​+5,0 mm
​Note!​Other tolerances different to the above can be agreed on a case by case basis.
​Note!​When designing Kerto products according to EN 1995 (Eurocode 5), the nominal dimensions of the product may be used unless local or national building rules and regulation stipulate how tolerances are to be taken account of.


 Kerto-S cross-section dimensions
Figure 1: Kerto-S cross-section dimensions.

Kerto-Q cross-section dimensions
Figure 2: Kerto-Q cross-section dimensions.

Kerto-T cross-section dimensions 
Figure 3: Kerto-T cross-section dimensions.

Note!​Moisture content affects the dimensions of Kerto products. If moisture content deviates from the initial 8-10%, the effect of it should be taken into account when comparing the actual dimensions of the product to the nominal dimensions.

More information: Moisture behaviour


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