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Kerto manual


Transport, handling and storage

December, 2015

Kerto® products – like all other engineered wood products – must be handled and stored properly and carefully. Incorrect handling and storage may introduce defects on product’s surfaces, edges or corners. Furthermore, the dimensional stability of the product may suffer.


While transporting or storing the product, increased moisture caused by rain or splashing must be avoided. If Kerto products are moved with a forklift truck, wide enough forks must be used in order to avoid damaging the product. When lifting several packs at a time, the distance between forks must be wide enough to ensure safe lifting. Surface-treated products should be delivered direct to site without additional, unnecessary off-loading during delivery.



Kerto products must be stored under cover. When storing the products temporarily on site, a solid, straight and dry platform should be used. The height of ground bearers must be at least 30 cm. To avoid twisting of the product, the bearers between packs must be aligned vertically with the ground bearing timbers.

The plastic wrapping of each pack must be cut open from underneath to enable moisture to evaporate from the bundles. If the products are stored on site for longer than one week, the bundles must be covered with an additional protective covering. Conditions of the products and protective cover must be monitored regularly during storage.



Kerto product packs may be unloaded on site with either a forklift or a crane. When unloading with a forklift, follow the instructions given in chapter ‘Transport’. Approved webbing slings must be used if unloading with crane. It is forbidden to use chains or wires.

If unloading is done manually, the pack is opened and the products are carried one-by-one. While cutting the banding, beware of band’s ends. Kerto products should not be dragged or dropped.

Kerto is a light-weight material and is easy to shape, which means notable time and cost savings in construction. Kerto products can be processed with conventional wood working and power tools. There is no need for separate specialist tools.

Surface-treated products should be unloaded individually. If needed, a cellular plastic padding that does not stain, should be used under the webbing slings.

This document is property of Metsäliitto Cooperative (Metsä Wood) and is only applicable when used along with products produced by Metsä Wood. Use of the document for other manufacturer's product is prohibited. Metsäliitto Cooperative is not responsible for application of documents or possible faults in documents. This clausul must not be removed. Metsä Wood and Kerto are registered trademarks of Metsäliitto Cooperative (Metsä Wood).

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