Hybrid City Challenge

Calling for innovations in sustainable construction, where wood is used efficiently alongside other building materials.

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Plan B explores the possibilities of wood construction

As a leading supplier of wood products, Metsä Wood knows from experience that Nordic premium wood is the best renewable raw material in the world. When used right, it saves money, time and nature. Plan B, launched in 2015, is an ambitious project to challenge preconceptions and explore the possibilities of using wood in urban construction.

The Hybrid City Challenge

In an urbanizing world, we face the ever-growing need for housing. We need to build millions of new buildings while simultaneously taking care of the environment. Wood is the only major construction material that stores carbon. This is why we need to use more of it.

However, this cannot sacrifice efficiency. We need to support construction companies to use more wood by creating elements, modules and concepts that fit the way they construct today – and to make wood, steel and concrete work as one.

This is why we created the Hybrid City Challenge.

The Open Source Wood Initiative

Wood is a carbon-storing, renewable and strong construction material, yet it accounts only for a very small fraction of global construction. The wood construction industry is fragmented and local, while the construction business is dominated by two less environmentally-friendly construction materials – steel and concrete.

A successful future demands a fundamental reinvention and rethinking of how we build with wood – by developing prefabricated elements. We need to build faster, more affordably, more efficiently and more openly. That’s why we have launched the Open Source Wood Initiative.


The City Above the City


City Above the City architect's competition

In June 2016 we challenged architects and students of architecture from around the world to push the boundaries of modern wood building design in the urban environment. Entrants were asked to select a centrally-located building in one of the world’s most populated cities and develop an innovative wood design solution that adds density through additional floor area. Known buildings, especially buildings under threat of demolition were encouraged as sites for revitalization, new development and innovation. The results were announced on November 1st 2016.


Iconic buildings made of wood


Everything can be built with wood. In order to demonstrate the powerful possibilities, we have been planning how to build iconic architectural designs made of wood.



Wooden construction references

Plan B cases shows what could have been done with wood. Our references show what has already been done with wood.

At Metsä Wood, we demand more – both of ourselves and our customers. Because excellence is never achieved by settling for the mediocre. Our success is based on our commitment, reliability and quality. Here are some examples of what we've done together with our customers.