We create 

Metsä Group’s operations, including Metsä Wood, create value, both economic and social, for stakeholders at a local, national and international level. We strive to be a responsible and active member in the communities where we operate. We value our employees and invest in their professional development, wellbeing and safety.

Our target is to have zero accidents by 2030

Safety comes first

Everyone has the right to work in a safe and healthy working environment. We closely follow the TRIF measure, which covers both LTA 0 and LTA1 indicators – accidents happening at work, whether they lead to absences or not. The ambitious zero accident target covers both our own personnel and subcontractors working in our mills. We use continuous preventive actions to achieve the zero-accident target: both our personnel and subcontractors have received safe working practice inductions and extensive training, and we organise training continuously. We have achieved good results in the area of safety at work in our comprehensive safety management system, which is based on preventive measures and an effective system for registering safety observations. All Metsä Wood’s mills use OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment management systems. 

Metsä  Wood’s target of an accident-free working environment refers to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Target:  


Metsä group

Economic, governmental and social responsibility

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Globally, Metsä  Wood employs 1,600 people (2020).  However, we create almost triple the number of indirect jobs, e.g.  in logging and transport companies, as well as the retail business, among other sectors. We create value by delivering processed wood products for our customers, especially in the construction and light vehicle transport industries. At a national level, with our parent company Metsä Group, we are an important producer of export goods and renewable energy. And millions of people around the world benefit from our sustainable products every day.  We pay attention to the holistic wellbeing of our personnel. During 2020, we launched thorough Covid -19 instructions and effective preventive actions.   

We also want to be a fair and open neighbour in our local communities. Metsä Wood creates value locally, nationally and internationally, with major impacts on society: in terms of responsibility, we have proved to be a strong player and societal developer. We support the wellbeing of children and young people locally in many ways. In terms of social responsibility, we offer versatile opportunities for young people to find summer jobs, internships or the possibility to write their thesis. 

Responsible corporate culture 

Code of conduct and Ethical barometer - part of our responsible corporate culture

We are proud of our responsible corporate culture, which requires all our employees and suppliers to comply with the highest ethical standards. We also promote equal opportunities and encourage all employees to report any discrimination. All our employees regularly attend our Code of Conduct training to understand social responsibility and respect human rights. We also conduct both a personnel survey and ethical barometer every two years – the latter aims to provide us with an insight into how our personnel perceive ethics at the workplace and to improve our understanding of compliance- and ethics-related risks. In 2020, our ethical index figure was 81.9%, and by the end of 2020, our Code of Conduct e-learning course had been completed by 93% of employees. Needless to say, we comply with each country’s local regulations and legislation on collective agreements and working conditions, including health and safety.