Finnwood® design software has more than 50,000 users

Structural calculation software for wood construction

Published: 09/12/2015 00:00

​Metsä Wood’s Finnwood® structural calculation software now has more than 50,000 users. Introduced in 2006, Finnwood is software for structural calculations of single wooden structures using structural models and loads determined by the user. The software is specifically designed for Metsä Wood’s products.

Finnwood structural calculation software“The number of users of the Finnwood service is increasing steadily and recently passed 50,000. This proves that there truly is a need for this type of fast, easy-to-use software,” says Heini Kovanen, Software Development Engineer at Metsä Wood.

“Finnwood represents the best software for wooden structures. It’s the best program on the market, particularly for Kerto® LVL products and single structural elements. Finnwood is also an excellent tool for Metsä Wood’s sales organisation. It allows easy comparisons for replacing glulam with Kerto, for example, providing data that supports sales arguments,” says Kovanen.

Different countries have slightly different safety factors and other applications for dimensioning wood products, meaning that one program is not suitable for all countries. For example, vibration standards must be examined separately for each country. For this reason, several updates and localised user interfaces have been made available for Finnwood over the past nine years. At the moment, localised versions can be downloaded in Finland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and the United States.

“In France, Finnwood is used by 15,000 professionals, with Finland having the second largest number of users. We are currently promoting Finnwood in the United States,” says Kovanen.

At the moment, Finnwood can be used for the structural calculations for floor joists, roof beams and columns, as well as base floor, intermediate floor and roof slabs.  

“We are closely monitoring dimensioning trends in the wood construction sector and are highly driven to include detailed dimensioning in the software, such as holes and grooves and various types of beams. In France, the flagship version of Finnwood already includes structural calculations for both single and double tapered beams,” says Kovanen.