Metsä Wood Kerto–Ripa® floor element:

Load-bearing intermediate floor structure without on-site casting

Published: 02/11/2015 00:00

Metsä Wood has launched a new Kerto–Ripa floor element for intermediate and base floor structures in residential and public buildings. The new element requires no on-site concrete casting which allows completely dry installation. During the fabrication there are no castings either. All used structures are dry.  Kerto-Ripa-installation.jpg

​Metsä Wood Kerto–Ripa floor elements are made from Finnish Kerto® LVL using structural gluing. The elements are designed in accordance with the size of the building. Due to the element’s long spans, buildings require fewer load-bearing columns, beams and structural connections. The elements are light, meaning that they reduce the load on foundations. They are stronger and stiffer than rectangular beams of equal height.

The top panels of the Kerto–Ripa elements are plasterboards that are attached at the factory. This significantly reduces the time required for installation on-site. The advantages of the structure are simple connections to other structures. The elements are connected to load-bearing structures through the top panel, which can be installed on top of the load-bearing wall or beam. Because of this, the structural height of the building stays low and thereby the total costs of the building reduce. Next floor’s wall is installed right on the top of the element’s top panel.

The acoustic properties of Kerto–Ripa floor elements have been tested both as finished structures and under controlled test conditions. Elements meet the requirements of resistance to fire class REI30 or REI60. Kerto–Ripa elements also conform to a European Technical Assessment (ETA-07/0029) and they are CE-marked.

Advantages of Kero–Ripa floor elements:

  • Dry structure
  • Saves storey height
  • Meets the requirements of fire resistance and soundproofing
  • Long spans
  • Simple connections

Kerto-Ripa floor elements