Metsä Svir reached a milestone in production: 2 million m3 of sawn timber

Metsä Svir reached a milestone in production: 2 million m3 of sawn timber

Published: 27/11/2015 00:00

In September Metsä Svir in Russia celebrated a milestone in production when the sawmill reached the quantity of 2 million m³ of sawn timber. A ceremony took place at the sawmill’s premises and the symbolic second million cubic meter produced at the mill was handed out as a present to Metsä Svir’s biggest customer. Altogether, the current year is going to be the best in Metsä Svir’s ten-year history.​

Metsä Svir reached 2 milliom m3 of sawn timber 

“This year we estimate to produce 250,000 m³ of sawn timber which will be our record of all times”, tell General Manager Vyacheslav Kanatov and Mill Manager Kaarel Tali (in the picture on the top) from Metsä Svir. Kanatov has served as General Manager since May 2015, and Tali started as Mill Manager about a year ago. Tali has been working at the sawmill since it was built.

“We reached our history’s best result with the help of efficiency improvements and better utilization ratio. Exchange rate between the euro and the ruble also supported our good performance”, Kanatov explains.

“During the last two to three years, the production capacity has been increasing due to better efficiency and new technology. The line for example was modernized by implementing a camera grading system of dried material, which means a shift from manual work to a fully automatic process”, says Tali. Tali is very pleased with the staff competence and commitment to work.

“The market has been very challenging, but sales and deliveries to the market by Metsä Wood have been very successful and inventory levels have remained at a good level throughout the year. Sales of falling products is still a challenge due to oversupply and very weak consumption”, Tali points out.

The current year is the best also from the logs supply point of view:

“We have a constant log stock of 50,000 m³. We benefit from Metsa Group’s own harvesting, carried out by Metsa Forest Podporozhje, on the leased forest areas, which encounter 25–30% of the sawmill’s log supply. Metsä Forest in Russia purchases and delivers us the rest of the raw material”, Kanatov continues.

Biannual visit by the board of directors

A few weeks ago, the board of directors of Metsä Fibre visited Metsä Svir to hear the reports and estimations for this year’s results and discuss the main issues and investment projects at the mill. The attendants also paid a visit to a forest site in the Podporozhje district (Leningrad region) to hear about the new reforestation measures, road construction projects and harvesting practices in the area.

Metsä Svir is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Metsä Fibre. Metsä Wood is managing production processes and is Metsä Svir’s main marketing and sales channel to the markets. In Addition to Europe, Metsä Svir is shipping high quality sawn timber to Japan, China and Middle East.

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Metsä Svir celebrated the 2nd million m³ of sawn timber. General Manager Vyacheslav Kanatov (on the right) and Ronnie Crawford, owner of R.T.D. Crawford LTD.