Metsä Wood opens new customer service centre in Lohja

Metsä Wood opens new customer service centre in Lohja

Published: 04/09/2015 00:00

Metsä Wood has consolidated its customer service operations in a brand-new service centre. Customer service for different business lines used to be handled at a variety of locations, but a 16-person team stationed in Lohja will now assist Metsä Wood's customers, sales personnel and mills with their sales and delivery chain enquiries.

The customer service centre project was led by Veli-Matti Puuska, Director, Business Process and Quality Management, and he is satisfied with its progress.

“The service centre personnel, comprising both old and new hands, started work in Lohja in April. A new, standardised operating model was adopted at the beginning of June. The service centre's new recruits have been participating in an extensive induction programme that will end in September or October.”

“This overhaul in our customer services seeks to create processes that will both serve our customers better and harness more synergies between Metsä Wood's business lines. Another important goal has been to free up more time for sales personnel to use on actual sales work. The new customer service model will also create a better foundation for more efficient system development and the exchange of expertise among personnel,” says Puuska.

One concrete change that will be visible to customers is that service for all Metsä Wood product groups will now be available with the ‘one-stop shop’ principle.

“The customer feedback we've received to date has been really positive, and for this we have to thank our expert and motivated personnel in Lohja and elsewhere. Previously, a customer may have had to talk with several different people at our end. Now, each customer has a single contact person, making communication much clearer and smoother. And we can also react much more quickly and flexibly to any market and customer changes,” says Puuska.  

Lohja is a good, central location for the customer service centre. It is close to Espoo's shared resources yet also on mill premises, ensuring that the centre's personnel maintain a close connection with daily life at a key production unit. About a third of the new service centre's personnel were already working in Lohja before the overhaul.