Metsä Wood's large-scale delivery to Vuosaari Port

New pulp terminal builds up from Kerto- Ripa roof elements and gluelam

Published: 06/09/2016 00:00

​A large terminal building is under construction in Vuosaari port, Helsinki. The terminal will serve as an export warehouse for Metsä Group's bioproduct mill. The roof of the 26 300 square-meter terminal will be built with Metsä Wood's roof elements. It takes altogether 504 Kerto-Ripa® roof elements and 217 glulam beams to build the warehouse – about the size of four football fields

Kerto Ripa Roof Element Package 

Metsä Wood's delivery in Vuosaari pulp terminal is beyond compare in its scale: the 400 meter long building accommodates 1550 cubic meters of glue-laminated beams and 670 cubic meters Kerto LVL in the form of pre-fabricated roof elements. Metsä Wood is also responsible for the installation of the elements.

The installation runs smoothly on site, as the factory-made Kerto-Ripa panels are surface treated and the roofing is attached to the  elements already at the Metsä Wood mill in Pälkäne. Kerto-Ripa elements are also five times lighter in weight than concrete slab, so the environmental impacts for construction are reduced with lighter foundations and pilings. Installation of roof elements will start on 12 September, and the entire installation is completed in ten weeks.

Kerto Ripa Wood Element 

The terminal will be completed before the bioproduct mill starts operation in the third quarter of 2017. The amount of pulp produced at bioproduct mill and exported from Finland through the port of Helsinki is 800 000 tonnes annually.​