Metsä Wood’s renewed product logos with unified visual identity

Published: 17/03/2017 15:00

Metsä Wood has taken into use a new visual identity and partly renewed product names in all four product categories produced in Finland. The new descriptive product names, color coding and product marks make it easier to identify different products.

The new product logos will appear not just in marketing materials, but also in product packaging and labels. In some cases the logo is printed directly on the product. The same names will be introduced in all countries.

There are two key changes: Metsä brand is used instead of Metsä Wood brand and product group names are emphasized instead of product names. Each product group has its own name and color but otherwise all designs are harmonized.

Each product group has a unique value proposition communicating the benefits to customers:
Kerto® LVL “Fast, Light, Green”, Birch Ply “Industrial durability”, Spruce Ply “Easy on site” and Timber “Nordic timber”.


Most product names remain the same, but some are changed to clearly tell what the product is. As an example, Metsä Wood Spruce MouldGuard is named now Spruce Ply MouldGuard, being shorter yet more descriptive. Simplified and shorter names for over 40 products increase the Metsä brand visibility and make it easier for customers to find products in warehouses, shops and at construction sites.

All product groups and products have their own logo – and also a combination with Metsä logo.