New production records for Vilppula and Metsa Svir sawmills

New production records for Vilppula and Metsä Svir sawmills

Published: 02/02/2016 00:00

The Vilppula and Svir sawmills set new production records in 2015. The new annual production record for Vilppula sawmill with a single production line is 452,200 m3 (+34,000 m3). The Vilppula sawmill also significantly improved its utilisation rate during the year. The new annual production record for the Metsä Svir sawmill is 251,500 m3 (+8,000 m3). Both records are the result of highly competent employees, modern production equipment and an ambition to continuously improve operations.

Metsä Wood VIlppula and Svir sawmills set new production records in 2015 

“Our operations are founded on industrial efficiency and a strong customer focus, as well as creating more added value in our own operations and our customers’ processes. We easily met the industrial efficiency requirements set for our production lines. Our employees are highly competent and very committed to our operations. Despite the challenging market situation, we were able to improve our industrial efficiency. This is something we can be particularly proud of,” says Henrik Söderström, SVP, Timber and Upgrades.

“We are using new measuring and imaging technology to control machines and equipment in all phases of the process. Even though there is a lot of new technology, employees’ strong capabilities and commitment are key. We are continuously developing our operations by improving our day-to-day operations. Both production records are prime examples of how daily operational improvement significantly improves production and economic efficiency,” says Harri Haapaniemi, VP, Production, Timber and Upgrades.

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