Temporary weather protection with Spruce WeatherGuard plywood

Easy on site

Published: 17/05/2017 10:00

​​During construction, it is common for building materials to get wet because of rain, and reasonable amounts of wetness can be expected during a typical construction. This causes a lot of extra costs such as; covering materials and waiting for materials to dry.

Through a refined production process Metsä Wood has developed a  technology for an improved Spruce Plywood panel – Metsä Wood Spruce WeatherGuard™.

Metsä Wood WeatherGuard is a spruce plywood panel with a hydrophobic surface. The surface rejects rainwater and therefor reduces the amount of water absorbed by the panel, by up to 60%. Reduced water absorption causes the panel to be more dimensional stable which means you will not spend time on twisted and warped panels and that the panel dries up quicker, causing faster building time and less risk of mould growth later.

Now you do not have to stop work and spend time covering up your building site and materials just because of some rainy weather.


Easy on site

​Temporary protection against rain

  • Hydrophobic surface rejects rainwater
  • Reduces the need of cover during construction period
  • Build faster

Reduced water absorption by up to 60%

  • Shorter drying period of structures 
  • Less risk of mould growth 
  • Better dimensional stability under changing conditions

Light weight

  • Up to 30% lighter than standard chipboards* 
  • Up to 33% lighter than OSB panels*
  • Up to 39% lighter than standard gypsum boards*
  • Up to 64% lighter than standard gypsum fibre boards*

*based on general available product data

Main  applications

Spruce WeatherGuard roof installation


The lightweight and superior strength, stiffness and dimensional stability combined with the hydrophobic surface makes Metsä Wood Spruce WeatherGuard the ideal panel for Roof decking.

Spruce WeatherGuard wall installation


​Due to its excellent strength and stiffness properties Metsä Wood Spruce Weatherguard is the perfect panel for wall sheathing applications. It is easy to install and fasten to various frame structures and makes a great base for fasteners.

Spruce WeatherGuard floor installation


The smooth and uniform surface of Metsä Wood Spruce Weatherguard together with the improved dimensional stability makes it a perfect flooring panel.
With great load-bearing capacity and the panels long edges tongue and grooved (TG2) it makes the floor panel installation easy and fast.

Spruce WeatherGuard for renovation


Metsä Wood Spruce WeatherGuard is a high quality construction panel with superb performance in versatile renovation projects due to its light weight, strength, stiffness and improved dimensional stability and ease of machining. The panel can be used in many renovation applications, such as walls, floors, roofs and attics. The light weight panel can easily be transported and carried to cramped spaces and be cut, drilled, glued and treated with ease.