The best Metsä Wood stories in 2016

Year of wood construction

Published: 16/01/2017 00:00

​Last year we published a series of interesting stories related to wood construction and wood products. Here are the highlights in case you have missed them:

Kaifu-Bad – Saving a historical bath with Kerto® LVL

Kaifu Bad – Saving a historical bath with Kerto® LVLHow could Hamburg’s oldest spa Kaifu-Bad be renovated in a way that respects the protected design, meets modern sustainability standards, tolerates the challenge of salt water and stays within budget? This could only be done with wood.

Kaifu-Bad story

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Plan B: City Above the City wood architecture competition

Plan B: City Above the City wood architecture competition 

In June 2016 Metsä Wood challenged architects and students to push the boundaries of modern wood building. The task was to design a wooden extension to an existing urban building. We received over 170 designs from 40 countries. The winners were announced in November.

“Construction must become sustainable and cities must stay livable. I am happy that so many architects share this view, especially the younger generation”, says Michael Green, from MGA architects, Chairman of the Jury. “Entries were innovative and added value both to the building and the community ”.

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Fast, Light, Green


How we are building today and in the future is critical not only to climate and human wellbeing but to economic growth and prosperity.

The Fast, Light, Green photo series by award-winning Finnish photographer Kimmo Syväri captures the aesthetic features of wood from a new perspective.

“These images are an interesting combination of the familiar and the unexpected. Well known buildings and recognisable forms and symbols re-imagined as made with wood create a contradiction, yet at the same time provide a different – hopefully inspirational – perspective on the future of building”, Syväri contemplates.

In the Fast, Light and Green articles Metsä Wood opens up the possibilities of more sustainable, material efficient and productive construction through wood. So far the first 5 articles have been published.

Fast light green photos

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