Metsä Wood Plan B for Colosseum – Possibilities of Wood construction

The Wooden Colosseum would be faster lighter and greener

Metsä Wood reveals the construction phase for the wooden Colosseum

Published: 03/06/2015 00:00

In the third and the last phase of Metsä Wood’s Plan B case: The Colosseum, construction expert Marko Kellberg explores the building project from a practical perspective. By choosing Metsä Wood’s Kerto® LVL as the main construction material, the result is a project that is faster, lighter, and greener.
In today’s highly competitive construction sector time is more costly than ever. Faster construction is becoming ever more important for financial success. By choosing wood products like Metsä Wood’s Kerto® LVL as the main material, projects are completed more rapidly. This results in revenues being generated sooner.Metsä Wood Plan B Colosseum – Possibilities of wood constuction

“Choosing a system of prefabricated wood elements is less costly and more efficient. Our Kerto modules are prefabricated in a specialized factory setting, resulting in the advantages of increased efficiency and quality control”, tells Marko Kellberg the construction expert from Metsä Wood.

“Simple, precise connection points and lightness make for a faster onsite process. For example, a factory can assemble a 2,000 square meter roof in one week. And a 1,500 square meter prefabbed roof can be installed in just one day. That’s three to four times faster than with traditional methods”, Kellberg explains.


In addition to being faster and lighter, wood is also a more sustainable option. “We are committed to following – and often pioneering – the best processes for a world that increasingly demands truly sustainable approaches”, tells sustainability expert Kimmo Lahti-Nuuttila from Metsä Group States.

"Metsä Wood’s products generate a low fossil CO2 footprint – and building with wood is a good source of longer-term carbon storage”, Lahti-Nuuttila continues.

The next Plan B case will be revealed next week, so stay tuned! It's gonna be big – Big Apple big.

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Because the world need’s a Plan B

Plan B challenges widely spread preconceptions and explores the various possibilities of wood construction. As a part of the project, Metsä Wood shows in detail how to build recognizable yet modern versions of world-known architectural buildings using wood as the main material. The concept’s main target groups are architects, construction engineers and builders.

The Plan B concept will be featured on Metsä Wood’s website. Besides the Colosseum, more wooden redesigns of world-known architectural iconic buildings will be designed and published during the year 2015. References of buildings constructed by Metsä Wood’s together with its clients can also be found on the website.

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