New head of merchant sales appointed

Darren Pack

Published: 28/06/2010 00:00

Finnforest has promoted Darren Pack to Head of UK Merchant sales. Darren will be well known to many merchants, as throughout his time with Finnforest he has been responsible for developing relationships with some of the company’s key distribution customers.


Darren has a wealth of timber expertise, informing his valuable insight into the shifting sales opportunities for timber products. This will be deployed to steer Finnforest’s merchant sales team; providing merchant customers with support in the effective promotion and sale of products for gaining competitive advantage.

“As our merchant customers know, we have a strong focus on providing quality. This is manifested both in the products we supply and the service that underpins everything we do. This is what makes Finnforest an industry leader in sales, marketing, training and innovation,” says Darren, “I am extremely pleased and honoured to be heading up the Finnforest Merchant Sales Team.”

Darren’s promotion comes at a time when loyalty and support have never been more vital for trading success. “There will be challenges going forward,” he says, “As we all know the current market continues to present obstacles. Primarily for our merchant customers the concern is for availability and consistency of products. Central to this is the development mutually beneficial, trusting partnerships between merchants and their suppliers. Finnforest’s focus and support for loyal customers who value this approach will be further nurtured in the future.”

Demonstrating Finnforest’s real grasp of the current trading landscape, Darren is also keen to help merchant customers manage out cost, “Increasing cost is an unavoidable truth. It has become expected in materials and transport due to globally influencing factors. However, by working closely with our customers we are aiming to realise efficiencies and opportunities for streamlining supply models to help maintain the competitive edge.”

Darren has developed his career in the timber industry from inception in 1990 as a management trainee and worked his way through the ranks. His experience reaches across all aspects of the timber business, from transportation, mill, tool setting, shipping and yard management to in-depth technical knowledge.  Darren moved into a sales role where he has stayed ever since, providing regional and national sales support for Finnforest customers.