EcoBuild 2nd-4th March 2010

Technical excellence in timber engineering from Finnforest

Published: 02/03/2010 00:00

Finnforest is exhibiting its range of engineered timber solutions at EcoBuild on stand 2273. With a focus on key architectural projects delivered through the innovations of, and versatility of, sustainable engineered timber solutions and how they can be further utilised to achieve architectural excellence, unrivalled performance and legislative compliance. 


Featuring a sweeping Glulam curve, Finnforest’s stand aims to demonstrate not only the flexible architectural solutions engineered timber provides, but also the technical expertise specifiers can benefit from when partnering with Finnforest’s knowledgeable team. 

“Key to the story we want to explain to specifiers at EcoBuild is the environmental advantage that can be gained by using engineered timber systems,” explains Kevin Riley, Building Solutions Director for Finnforest, “It is not only a pleasing aesthetic that can be achieved through such material specification, by looking in more depth at the range of bespoke solutions available and by partnering with a technically capable supplier such as Finnforest, specifiers can introduce very real commercial benefits too: material savings, shorter build times, improved site efficiencies, lower long-term life-costs and improved compliance levels with not only the building regulations but also the technical standards including the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM ratings.”

Glulam has a high strength to weight ratio because long beams are formed from many lengths of smaller lumber, creating a structural component that is lightweight yet strong and rigid, making it ideal for use in projects where loading, aesthetics and environmental considerations are the key specification drivers.

Leno, Finnforest’s prefabricated large-scale cross-laminated timber panel system is also being used on the stand to create a timber and glass façade wall. The panelised nature of the Leno system enables the design of buildings without the constraints of frame-based or modular construction systems. Thanks to its slim sections a Leno building enables the design of wider interior spaces, while maintaining the dimensional stability and durability of traditional solid constructions.

Launched last year at EcoBuild, Finnforest is also showing its Kerto-Ripa system.. With two key applications - flooring and roofing - architectural designs for clear and flexible spaces across leisure, commercial or residential build, or for schools or communal buildings, are easy to achieve. Kerto-Ripa can be used to create long clear roof spans of up to 18m, without columns or beams; offering much greater flexibility in the use of the internal spaces created.

For those interested in the aesthetic as well as performance benefits of engineered timber, Finnforest ThermoWood cladding is on show. Produced by heating high-grade softwood in steam-heated kilns to temperatures in excess of 212oC, Finnforest ThermoWood is a material that will not shrink, warp, distort or leak resin and that will last considerably longer than conventional softwood timber cladding. It is dimensionally stable and requires no additional chemical preservative.

Underpinning a range of engineering solutions is Finnforest’s fully engineered i-joist, the Finnjoist. Comprising a Kerto flange and OSB web, the Finnjoist was the first such i-joist on the market. Since its inception it has been used in both residential and commercial projects, forming floor, roof and wall cassettes.

The Finnjoist is also the core component of the timber-screed hybrid acoustic flooring solution, The SoundBar System. This is being frequently used to exceed the requirements of Part E. It introduces a waterproof membrane, sound-damping board and Lafarge Gyvlon screed to create a floor system that improves site efficiencies and build programmes thanks to the offsite nature of the components and the quick-drying screed.

Also being used to not only fulfill the requirements of Part E, but also Part L and the energy performance requirements demanded by higher levels of the Code through Finnforest’s Low Energy Solutions. Clever architectural detailing by Finnforest’s technical teams, coupled with prefabricated wall, roof and floor panels using Finnjoists, OSB panel and a thermal insulation is helping housebuilders in particular to achieve structures that prevent heat loss through cold bridging, improving the running costs for inhabitants, negating the risk of fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions.