Environmentally conscious project uses Kerto

Beach Houses - Camber Sands, West Sussex

Published: 26/11/2013 00:00


This environmentally-conscious project was particularly challenging due to the well-known constraints of building a house on sand. However, architect Stuart Martin, of the Walker and Martin practice (WAM), was able to do so thanks to teaming up with Metsä Wood, Fluid Structures and Crendon Timber Engineering.

Metsä Wood's Kerto Q​​ and Kerto S were specified in the construction of this project. The A Frames of both houses were made of Kerto S at 1200mm centres, while Kerto Q was used for the roof and floor decks. Martin, who was the architect and designer of the project, explained: "The walls were formed from insulated concrete formwork, which was complemented by Metsä Wood's Kerto roof system. The scheme intended to give a low impact construction solution, tread lightly on the beach and be resilient to flooding. It used materials and techniques that supported this approach.

Gerard Doyle, Senior Engineer at Fluid Structures, continues: "The first floor and roof were formed using Kerto trusses, designed to span approximately 8m clear span bearing on to the ICF walls below. Stability is provided by portal action of the frames in plane along with the diaphragm action of a Kerto Q deck at roof and first floor level."

Camber sands kerto.jpg

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