Metsä Wood's solutions used for Finland’s northernmost shopping centre

Metsä Wood's solutions used for Finland’s northernmost shopping centre

Published: 28/09/2011 00:00
Metsä Wood delivered the roofing panels and glulam frame for the northernmost shopping centre in Finland, K-Rajamarket Suomenrinne, in Nuorgam, Lapland.

‘With its nearly 3,000 square metres, the K-Rajamarket will be one of the largest wooden shopping centres in Finland and a landmark that will attract tourists and shoppers to Nuorgam,’ says shopping centre manager Jari Suomenrinne. ‘We wanted to use wood as the building material because of its ecological sustainability and aesthetic value,’ he continues.

‘Metsä Wood's Kerto-Ripa panels are suitable roofing material for commercial buildings of all sizes,’ explains Petri Silvonen, Head of Projects at Metsä Wood. ‘They offer a particularly competitive roofing solution when combined with a glulam frame, because fast installation of durable and lightweight elements brings savings to the builder in terms of both time and money. The construction time in this project was less than five months,’ he says.

This new construction was a joint project of Metsä Wood and Honka, who supplied the façade and the towers on the front side of the building. The main contractor on the site was Construction Company Rekonen, from Ivalo.

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