Metsä Wood decking meets high footfall requirement

Metsä Wood decking meets high footfall requirement

Published: 15/12/2011 00:00

Metsä Wood's low-slip decking has been used extensively to provide a sure, all-weather footing for around 28 million people who visit one of the South East’s premier retail centres every year.  WalkSure decking was selected by LendLease FM, who manage Bluewater in Greenhithe, to improve the exterior pedestrian surfaces around its entrances. 

WalkSure is a pressure-treated softwood deck board with a specially formulated, low slip, low maintenance and highly durable textured rubber surface. Available in a choice of seven different colours, the result is an attractive alternative to traditional timber decking that offers a safe surface in wet or dry conditions. WalkSure is fully DeckMark Plus approved, being independently slip tested in line with BS7976 Part 2 to offer a ‘low slip potential’ rating.


 These characteristics mean that WalkSure is an ideal deckboard for those in the retail and hospitality sectors to consider. “Managers of retail, hospitality and visitor attractions have to achieve a careful balance,” explains Paul Maw, Product Manager for Metsä Wood, “They must not only adhere to the most up to date health and safety requirements demanded of any site that is open to the public, but they must also ensure their facilities maintain a smart, professional and inviting appearance.”  

Thanks to the use of timber, blended with a textured rubber surface, WalkSure decking not only provides safety underfoot, even in wet conditions, but also offers alternative visual appeal. Its extensive colour range means there is a board to blend neatly or contrast with a variety of architectural schemes. 

At Bluewater, some 303.8 sqm of WalkSure in charcoal and red has been installed at the outdoor pedestrian walkways, leading from the car park areas into the shopping centre. It has also been used around the outdoor seating and dining spaces, to provide a consistent visual appearance that complements Bluewater's striking architecture and innovative retail design. Bluewater is situated in a stunning location among towering 50 metre high cliffs and surrounded by a tranquil landscape of lakes, parkland and trees. Therefore a decking product with timber as its core material is a suitable choice which reflects the inviting design of the site.




The low-slip deck board was chosen to replace existing decking and hard landscaping as it provides a fully tested means of ensuring all visitors have a safe route into the centre. Not only this but WalkSure’s low maintenance credentials were fully tested by the LendLease team before deciding that this was the most suitable option.

Adam Reeds from LendLease explains: “We needed a new pedestrian surface that stands up to the very heavy foot traffic Bluewater sees every day, while providing a sure footing that is inclusive for all to use.

“Keeping the site safe, clean, and pleasant for everyone who uses it is a fulltime role. With so many visitors to Bluewater each day, it was vital that any new product we selected would be easy to maintain and keep clean – WalkSure stood up to this challenge.”

As a highly durable, low maintenance alternative to hard landscaping and traditional decking, Metsä Wood's WalkSure provides a specification option for those in the commercial sector who are looking to blend a high level of surface safety and their duty of care with a versatile and attractive product. Because WalkSure is manufactured from fully chain of custody accredited and PEFC certified timber it is also an environmentally responsible choice for any organisation. 

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