Full decking range gains Deckmark certification

Providing ressurance to anyone buying Finnforest's decking products

Published: 27/05/2010 00:00

Finnforest’s full range of decking products has received DeckMark certification, with the WalkSure and Composite deck boards receiving DeckMark Plus certification. This recognition provides reassurance to anyone selecting Finnforest’s decking that the products meet the standards set by the Timber Decking Association.  For WalkSure and Composite decking, specifiers have peace of mind that these products meet the formal performance guidance for the slip resistance rating of deckboard surfaces, which is a pre-requisite of the certification.


According to the HSE, slips and trips account for one in three non-fatal major injuries with at least one serious slip accident every three minutes in the UK. With this in mind architects, landscape designers and building owners have an important responsibility to ensure that the risks are minimised for building users. 

As a member of the Timber Decking Association, Finnforest has ensured that all six of its decking options meet the stringent requirements for DeckMark certification (Classic Softwood, GrasseDeck, ThermoWood, WalkSure, Hardwood, Composite and associated balustrading accessories). DeckMark was designed by the TDA to give specifiers and consumers the reassurance that their timber deck components have been manufactured to established quality standards. 

The DeckMark Plus certificate builds on these requirements. According to TDA Director, Steve Young, architects are increasingly asking for guidance on component selection and performance ratings to build into specifications, particularly in connection with commercial and public access projects.

He said: “Wood is being increasingly specified for outdoor surfaces and complementary features such as landscape joinery, outdoor rooms and cladding. Architects are looking to the TDA for more than just specification clauses, they want help with sourcing quality materials and guidance on performance.”

The WalkSure and Composite deck boards from Finnforest meet the requirements for high traffic walkways such as bridges, steps, ramps and deck access points around commercial, leisure and hospitality buildings.

Paul Maw, Product Manager for Finnforest explains what the approval means to Finnforest’s customers: “DeckMark Plus enables architects and designers to specify deck boards with confidence. Finnforest’s slip-resistant decking products have been independently slip tested in line with BS7976, providing a ‘low slip potential’ in both wet and dry conditions.”

WalkSure is a low slip deck board that combines rubber and pressure treated softwood in a single deck board. Available in a number of colour finishes, the result is an attractive alternative to traditional timber decking that offers a safe low slip surface in wet or dry conditions.

Finnforest’s Composite deck board is also highly suitable for commercial, low maintenance applications. It provides a natural looking, splinter-free surface that is easy to clean and will retain its appearance and performance characteristics year on year. Thanks to its low maintenance requirements this is the perfect solution for applications where life costs are an important consideration because there is no need to paint, seal, stain or waterproof the decking.

A product that carries DeckMark Plus now enables architects and designers to specify boards that have been independently tested to BS 7976 part 2, conforming with UK Slip Resistance Guidelines.