Finnforest has an eye for design with its engineered timber

Ferry Villeage, Braehead

Published: 03/07/2009 00:00

A waterfront regeneration project in Renfrewshire is seeing the addition of a pair of architectural landmarks thanks to Moore & Mulheron Contracts Ltd’s timber engineering expertise, using Finnforest’s engineered timber components.

The Ferry Village apartments, Braehead, feature two six storey eye-shaped towers, both facing the water. The River Clyde and Clyde Basin-facing curved buildings both have shallow pitched roofs that maintain the curved facades of the towers. The towers add architectural interest to the wider complex, which includes an additional four apartment blocks all comprising some 55 one, two and three bedroom apartments.

Moore & Mulheron Contracts Limited faced a particular timber framing challenge in the design of the towers’ curved roof shapes. This was ultimately realised using Kerto and Finnjoists from Finnforest. The roofs have various pitches with the elliptical roof being 3°. Duo pitch roofs are set at 4° and 24° pitches, fixed together at the Apex with preformed gusset plates fixed into the web of the joists, thus creating a true and secure ridge line. Timber engineering presented the solution for joining the roof elements together and Kerto forms the structure for the shaped roof.

The depths of the roofs are formed with cassettes created using Finnforest’s engineered timber i-joists, Finnjoists. Finnjoists use Kerto as their flange component, with an OSB board. The engineered nature of the timber components make Finnjoists ideal for applications where precision is required. Because Kerto does not warp or twist, and is not susceptible to moisture, it is perfect for where exact tolerances are required.

Because of the offsite nature of the pre-engineered Finnjoist cassettes, the roof elements were delivered direct to site and lifted into place quickly and simply.

Jim Moore from Moore & Mulheron Contracts Limited, explains: “We use Finnjoists frequently in our work and the versatility of engineered timber was ideal for the construction of the roof elements.”

A stringent sustainability policy was also an important driver in the use of the engineered timber from Finnforest. Where timber is used by Moore & Mulheron Contracts Limited it is vital that it carries PEFC/16-37-006 or FSC® C002779 certification. Finnforest’s certified timber carries the reassurance specifiers of environmentally driven projects require, and its BM TRADA audited Chain of Custody ensures this can be traced back to the timber’s forest of provenance.