Digital point of sale

Finnforest's merchant sales support goes digital

Published: 29/12/2009 00:00

Finnforest has recently introduced innovative digital point of sale screens in a trial to 100 merchant customer branches across the UK. The trial will enable merchants to display key timber product information, current promotions and inspiring designs to trade customers. This is further evidence of Finnforest’s approach to providing merchants with a robust supply chain to draw upon in the support of product sales.


The digital point of sale screens consist of a unit similar to a digital photo frame that can be used play short promotional videos, showcasing Finnforest’s range of decking, log cabins and machined softwood and panel products. Using simple image-led technology the videos can be changed according to individual branch promotions.

There are currently 100 merchants trialling the new point of sale screen and a further roll out looks imminent in 2010.

Stewart Killingback, Managing Director of HSW Timber based in Kent, has already seen interest from his customers: “Many customers have commented on the new digital screens and are making enquiries about our Finnforest decking range as a result. As the seasons change and we come into the warmer weather next Spring, I’m sure that the point of sale unit will prove to be extremely beneficial in generating interest and supporting greater decking sales as it catches the attention of our customers who may be looking to undertake new projects in the garden.”

Similarly Roy Stevens, Timber Product Manager of Alsford Timber, said, “The digital counter-top screen has been generating great interest at our store in Ruxley, due to its prime location. As customers stop to purchase products they are watching the decking video and making enquiries as a result. Overall, our range of Finnforest products are very well received and we are sure that by introducing the new videos to coincide with the changing seasons, we will be able to inspire such interest throughout the year.”

Stuart Smith, Manager of Wolseley Build Center in Rugby, has found the digital point of sale screens have already attracted plenty of customer interest too: “The screen is located at the main till-point and due to the location of this branch we experience a high level of footfall. Many customers have already commented on it. With garden renovation projects becoming increasingly popular, we are confident that the counter-top display will catch the eye of our customers, helping to create interest in the decking range.”

Marcus Sanders, UK Marketing Manager for Finnforest, knows that incorporating this initiative into the suite of sales material Finnforest provides its merchant customers will bolster its supply chain service: “The digital countertop screen trial is one of a blend of merchandising tools that form part of Finnforest’s robust approach to supply chain management. The recently launched Timber Marketing Toolkit is already being successfully implemented to generate individually branded merchant marketing material, such as promotional posters and leaflets, to create awareness and drive sales. Inspirational product literature illustrates what is achievable with timber products, while the Finnforest website has been carefully designed and developed to provide visitors with the product information they need to make an informed purchase, driving footfall to the nearest merchant branch with a clever supplier search function.”