Metsä Wood delivers its timber vision


Published: 24/04/2015 00:00


​Focusing on the intricacies of timber in construction, Metsä Wood has launched its new 'Plan B' microsite, looking at the impact wood can have when used as part of a large scale structure.

Starting with the Colosseum as its first Plan B 'case study', Metsä Wood explores how timber could have been used in order to deliver a structure that is both architecturally sound and aesthetically appealing.

Working with Antti Laiho from Helin & Co. Architects in order to create a visualisation of how the structure would look if timber were used, Metsä Wood has created the new microsite to provide a complete overview of the project, from the initial concept and design phase through to the final 3D model.

The challenge was to redesign a recognizable yet modern version of the original building, using wood as the main material. Emphasis was on reducing construction time, material waste and costs using prefabricated modular elements. As a result, it was decided that Metsä Wood's Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber​) was ideal for the beams and columns due to its incredible load-bearing strength.

"At 190 metres by 158 metres, the Colosseum is a huge building – almost three times the size of an average sports arena. Initially, I thought that wooden construction to such an extent wouldn't be feasible in reality. As the project proceeded, I changed my mind. It would not only be possible but easy as well," said Antti.

Supporting the Plan B concept, the dynamic new site explores the use of Metsä Wood's structural timber on a variety of projects, running alongside examples of its recently completed projects throughout the UK.

To submit your own 'Plan B' suggestion and to view Antti Laiho's interview visit