Metsä Group’s headquarters receive an award for its wooden architecture

Published: 11/10/2013 00:00

Metsä Group’s headquarters, called Metsätapiola, has won its category in the Iconic Awards competition arranged by the German Design Council. The architects behind the building, Helin & Co Architects, won the award in corporate architecture. According to the jury, the specialties in the building include innovative wooden constructions designed specifically for the staff canteen, and the space arrangements of the open-plan office which also reflects to the façade. 

The German Design Council handed out the awards in several categories: architecture, interior design, product design, communication & branding and concept design in both to consumers and corporate design. The judging criteria included overall design, design quality, aesthetics, context quality, social balance, materials and details, manufacturing technology and quality, ergonomics, functionality, and sustainability.

Kerto columns, gluelam beams and roof panels  

The staff canteen of Metsätapiola where the most impressive elements are Metsä Wood’s Kerto columns,glulam beams and roof panels.