Metsä Wood cuts through confusion to provide one-stop DoP library online

Metsä Wood cuts through confusion to provide one-stop DoP library online

Published: 24/06/2013 00:00

Leading timber supplier, Metsä Wood, has invested in a dedicated area on its .com website to host Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificates for the products it manufactures and supplies that are covered by new CE marking legislation.


The online database was created to make it easier for customers to comply with the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which comes into force on July 1 2013.


Metsä Wood has a programme of customer communications keeping them informed of CE marking developments. This latest resource requires customers to register in order to access the online library.


Once the simple registration stage is complete, customers will be given full access to the database to help them comply with the CPR, which will replace the Construction Products Directive.


The new site will be complemented by notifications placed on invoices and delivery notes to flag up which products are covered by the regulation.


Samantha Bamforth, Metsä Wood’s new product development project manager, said: “With compliance to the CPR being mandatory for certain timber products manufactured after 1st July 2013, there are clear obligations throughout the supply chain for compliance.  One of these obligations is for each operator in the supply chain to make available the relevant product DoP to its customers.


“Metsä Wood has invested in building a customer focused, multi-lingual website making all Metsä Wood product DoPs available in one single destination. This provides simple and direct navigation to any DoP required, with just a few clicks of the mouse. It couldn’t be easier. The site was designed around anticipating customer needs and featuring time-saving attributes.


“Metsä Wood also supports customers to comply with the CPR by detailing which products are CPR relevant on customer order documents. CPR governed products will be flagged ‘CE marked’ along with the corresponding technical specification – for example EN13986:2004.


“Customers will then be able to use this information to help identify which products are CPR relevant when logging in to the online library. They will be able to find the current product DoP by product SAP code or unique DoP reference.


“We want to help make compliance to the CPR as trouble-free as possible for our customers and will ensure information is always kept up-to-date. It is a complicated subject and there has been some confusion within the sector – but this one-stop library provides an ideal resource for our customers to access all the relevant compliance information.”



Any customer wanting additional information relating to CE marking is asked to contact their Metsä Wood account manager or call Metsä Wood on 0800 004444.