Metsä Wood’s new generation formwork panels deliver smoother finishes, durability and cost efficiency for the concrete formwork

Metsä Wood’s new generation formwork panels deliver smoother finishes, durability and cost efficiency for the concrete formwork

Published: 21/03/2012 00:00

Metsä Wood, previously Finnforest, launches a new generation plywood product family to increase architectural quality and improve margins for concrete formwork construction. Cost-efficient quality panel options –Endura Pro, Endura and FastForm – are now available for various system shuttering and special formwork applications as well as for the concrete element industry and construction sites using loose panel formwork.

The plywood panels have a special thermoplastic overlay that remarkably increases the endurance, strength and smoothness of the panel surface to new levels not seen in the industry at this cost level. The new product family consists of three multiple use shuttering panel options providing an affordable solution for all application needs.

For excellent price-to-performance ratio, birch-plywood-based Endura Pro can be re-used up to 300 times and Endura up to 200 times. And for a lower price, spruce-plywood-based FastForm can be re-used up to 15 times. Endura Pro and Endura are available in standard birch plywood sizes and also in XL sizes. FastForm is available in spruce standard sizes including handy ‘half panel’ sizes. The new overlay is applied to Metsä Wood high-quality birch and spruce plywoods in order to provide a more economical option than the competing solutions, across all needs.

“Our customers are looking for even better quality concrete surfaces and more durability from the shuttering panels. We responded to this demand by developing a new product family to meet both needs,” says Jussi Ekman, Metsä Wood's R&D Manager.

The coating material is hard yet elastic and thus provides a surface that is, at once, smooth and durable as well as highly crack and impact resistant. Furthermore, Endura Pro and Endura prevent rippling, which delivers a new level smoothness of visual appearance in architectural concrete structures. The light-weight FastForm provides an easy-to-use and economical solution for formwork panels on construction sites.

The new panels are environmentally friendly and easy to use performers, produced from fully renewable and premium quality Nordic wood raw material. They are produced on a new production line utilising innovative and advanced production technology at the Metsä Wood plywood mills in Suolahti, Finland. The investment includes a fully automatic production line.

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