Metsä Wood at the core of it

Metsä Wood at the core of it

Published: 09/12/2011 00:00

The Kingswood School Sports Pavilion in Bath has recently undergone an eco refurbishment and extension.  For this, Batterham Matthews Design has made use of Metsä Wood’s Leno cross-laminated timber panels for the roof, which not only meets the school’s environmental requirements but also offers incredible strength and an excellent internal finish.


Kingswood School is a leading co-educational boarding and day school providing the very best in all round education for pupils aged 3 to 18 years.  The school is greatly involved with ecology, and has implemented a number of projects to promote the importance of the environment and reduce waste. In fact, it was one of the first schools in the area to adopt the Eco-schools initiative and be awarded its Green Flag. The school was awarded its third Green Flag in 2010.


Metsä Wood’s Leno panels were specified by Batterham Matthews Design. George Batterham of Batterham Matthews Design commented, “During the specification process, there were a number of considerations to be met.  The school has a strong ethos regarding its effect on the environment; this was a key factor in the specification of the product.  In addition, the product needed to be both incredibly strong and visually-appealing since it would be visible from the inside of the building.”


Leno is an off-site engineered timber product, which utilises spruce boards that are machine-dried in the factory, finger jointed and then glued together crosswise with a minimum of three layers.  The result is a wooden core that is completely torsion-resistant and boasts inherent strength capabilities.  In addition, Leno is visually appealing, which makes it ideal for use in situations where it will be visible.  In fact, it can in many cases it becomes a key feature within a building.


The panels, which were selected in a thickness of 81mm, have provided a robust and solid surface on to which the external roof finish could be laid. 


The product was installed by HB Lewis & Sons.  Ed Goulden of HB Lewis & Sons commented, “The product is fantastic – it has so much to offer. In addition to meeting the exacting specification requirement, from our perspective, since the product is provided ready-to-install, the construction period for this product is short – in fact, we were able to install the product on the same day in which it was delivered; this was a huge bonus.”     


From an environmental perspective, timber is the only 100% renewable raw material.  What’s more, the manufacturing process is less energy-intensive than for other building materials.  In addition, Metsä Wood’s Leno is fully certified to PEFC standards, which demonstrates that the timber used to produce the product is sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests. All of Metsä Wood’s products also carry full Chain of Custody certification, satisfying legal and sustainable specification requirements.


Leno also boasts a number of other features including its ability to achieve excellent thermal insulation and sound proofing.


Kevin Riley, Vice President Construction Industry for Metsä Wood said, “Leno panels have been instrumental for this project.  They have not only met the specification requirements of strength, being aesthetically-pleasing and environmentally-friendly, the panels have also aided the contractor in terms of helping to meet a short construction period.  These product features were key to the success of the refurbishment of the pavilion.” 


For this project, the Leno panels were supplied by Travis Perkins in Stroud. David Ashenhurst, Sales Manager at Travis Perkins in Stroud commented, “Prior to this project, we had never supplied Leno before so the product was very new to us.  Metsä Wood provided excellent advice and support to help us meet the requirements of the project.  What’s more, they were able to meet the quick turnaround required; it took just six weeks from the order through to the shipping.”


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