Metsä Wood proves it is still the therm favourite

Metsä Wood proves it is still the therm favourite

Published: 16/08/2012 00:00


Metsä Wood (formerly Finnforest) has enhanced its range of ThermoWood® exterior rainscreen claddings, which is fully approved by the Timber Cladding & Decking Association. The latest additions provide depth of range for architectural cladding applications, offering specifiers more choice and versatility in the style and appearance of the finished rainscreen exterior. TRADA approved technical details are now available on the full range, with the launch of the latest ThermoWood brochure. 


A new cost-effective 20.5 x 142mm pine shiplap profile has been added to the range of seven ThermoWood pine profiles. In addition Metsä Wood has further extended its range with five new large format special order architectural profiles. These include tongue and groove boards at 21 x 192mm; a dual shadow profile that multiplies the visual linear effect of the cladding; and a dual chamfer profile in two sizes (26mm x 68mm and 42mm x 42mm) for very modern graphic designs. 

With typical layouts, corner detailing and installation drawings, Metsä Wood’s latest literature provides the technical support needed to create rainscreen systems for all building applications. Metsä Wood supplies specification, installation and maintenance guidance in one document, which provides any ThermoWood customer with an accessible, easy to follow resource. 

Phil Nash, Product Development Manager for Metsä Wood ThermoWood explains the popularity of timber and in particular ThermoWood, in the specification of rainscreen cladding: “ThermoWood is prized not only for the enhanced performance it provides but also for its desirable aesthetics when used as a rainscreen cladding. We have introduced these profiles in response to market demand for both residential and commercial timber rainscreen cladding solutions, where the emphasis is on regeneration and the creation of visually interesting and valued structures and spaces – where people want to live and work – with the emphasis on sustainable materials.”

As a CladMark assessed product, under the Timber Cladding & Decking Association, there is added reassurance for specifiers in the third-party accreditation Metsä Wood ThermoWood carries. Reassurance in fully certified and independently BM TRADA-audited chain of custody provides the environmental accreditation required in the specification of modern schemes. 

Specifiers can gain information about the additional architectural opportunities available when working with Metsä Wood through CPD, which plays a crucial role in the development of ThermoWood specification. 

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