New installation videos


Published: 22/10/2014 00:00

​Metsä Wood has introduced a series of guidance videos to talk through the correct techniques to install some of its products.  These include how to install vertical and horizontal ThermoWood® exterior cladding, PTG flooring, door linings, door casings and fire door casing and linings. An example of our ThermoWood® horizontal cladding installation video is shown below.


Metsä Wood's objective in launching the videos is to avoid post-installation issues on site by providing the right information in an easily accessible format.  The videos cover the correct installation technique in detail and also include vital information such as acclimatising wood products and how to avoid problems caused by variations in site humidity. They are in 3D animation format, and can be viewed on any device so they can be referred to at anytime and anywhere without having to refer to paper-based instructions and guidance notes.

The videos are freely available to view at