Schooling in Timber: Kerto Q and Kerto S

Enfield Primary Expansion Project

Published: 07/11/2014 00:00

As part of the Enfield Primary Expansion Project, Metsä Wood's Kerto S and Kerto Q have been specified to form the walls and roof at George Spicer School helping it achieve a BREEAM 'very good' rating.

Known for the strength that is derived from its cross laminated structure, Kerto S was selected for the structural wall and roof beams of the hall together with Kerto Q, which forms the bracing for the roof.

Cecile Raas, Lead Architect on the project from Surface To Air Architects explained: "We wanted to have a natural timber look for the hall and the finish of Metsä Wood products is very high quality.

"Originally steel was specified to form the prismatic hall but we later switched to timber as it achieves the same level of structural strength as well as giving us the natural warm finish that the school was looking for."

"Metsä Wood's Technical Engineers joined the project at the beginning of the detailed design stage and took charge of producing all of the technical drawings and calculations for the timber construction. Enfield Council had a clear vision for the school hall and Metsä Wood was extremely attentive when helping them achieve this."

George spicer school kerto q kerto s lvl.JPG 

In order to keep within time restrictions the entire structure of the central atrium was pre-fabricated off site by Pinewood Structures before being connected to the new modular classroom wings either side.  Metsä Wood provided onsite guidance for the installation in the form of extra drawings and construction details.

The use of sustainable timber contributed to the Mat 01 and Mat 03 BREEAM credit awards. Mat 01 recognises the use of construction materials with a low environmental impact including embodied carbon over the full life cycle of the building and Mat 03 recognises the specification of responsibly sourced materials for key building elements.

Metsä Wood boasts sustainable well managed forests due to its re-grow policy which ensures that every tree felled is replaced by a further three saplings.

The school hall was completed in March earlier this year and is part of the wider Phase 1 Enfield Primary Expansion Project.


Kerto is a laminated veneer lumber (LVL) product used in a variety of applications including beams, joists, trusses, frames, roof, floor and wall elements, components for the joinery industry (doors, stairs, windows) and vehicle industry, concrete formwork and scaffold boards.

Please click on the link provided for information on Kerto -> Kerto (Lamiated Veneer Lumber). Should you require any further details about Kerto Q or Kerto S, please contact us via our website.