Shrink-wrapping service

Shrink-wrapping service

Published: 30/09/2013 00:00

Metsä Wood has introduced a shrink-wrapping service for Merchant customer covering decorative timber mouldings, cladding and flooring to protect them from damage during transportation and while in merchant yards. 

Shrink-wrapping ensures the timber is kept in pristine condition, unmarked and dent free. It is common for these high-priced timber mouldings to lose value due to damage such as twisting. This occurs when the timber gets wet and dries which results in distortion in its shape.

Timber is prone to dirt damage in merchants’ yards and the wrapping protects against this so no wastage occurs.Transit can also cause problems because wood is unprotected and unsecured in the back of a van, making it susceptible to dirt and denting.

Shrink-wrapping can acts as an upselling technique. End customers, builders, have said they are more inclined to purchase more timber if it is packaged well for ease of transport and the convenience of storing when at home or on site.

It is also a great solution to keeping the yard tidy. This can help drive sales as Kevin Curtis from the builders merchant, Kent Blaxhall, echoed when saying: “Shrink-wrapping makes for a better kept yard and therefore a more pleasant customer experience, not to mention the fact that it’s much easier to see what stock we have.”

Shrink wrapping

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