Sustainable support at Insite09

Renewable House, BRE's Innovation Park

Published: 03/07/2009 00:00

Finnforest’s engineered timber i-joists, Finnjoists, and Kerto, were put to the test in the construction of the ‘Renewable House’ at BRE’s Innovation Park for the recent Insite09 exhibition, after being specified for their technical performance and sustainable credentials.

Specialist engineered timber provider, CR Taylor Timber, supplied Advanced Timber Systems with the Kerto and Finnjoists for use on the Renewable House project. Paul Amphlett, Engineered Timber Products Director of CR Taylor Timber, said: “We designed and supplied the Finnjoists for use on the Renewable House project to ensure technical and sustainable compliance coupled with smooth on site installation process for Advanced Timber Systems once at the BRE.”

“The Finnjoists and Kerto were used in the construction of the floor and internal beams of the house creating long clear spans that did not impair the strength or rigidity of the whole construction.”

Kevin Riley, Building Solutions Director of Finnforest, is confident that by using timber on the Renewable House, the project can go a long way to emphasising the importance of driving towards the creation of fully sustainable buildings: “Finnforest has been driving the agenda for sustainability in construction through the specification of engineered timber systems that not only fulfil the engineering criteria for sound structural applications, but that also use certified timber that is chain of custody  accredited – helping to improve the overall environmental impact of projects.”

By incorporating Finnforest’s engineered timber on the Renewable House project, CR Taylor and Advanced Timber Systems are trying to exemplify the potential of building using timber to not only achieve, but exceed the immediate requirements of today’s buildings.