CE marking sets Finnforest Thermowood apart

proving it conforms to BS EN14915: 2006 for solid wood panelling and cladding

Published: 25/05/2010 00:00

Finnforest Thermowood external cladding now carries the CE mark, proving it conforms to BS EN14915: 2006 for solid wood panelling and cladding. It is the first timber cladding product available on the UK market with this accreditation. The recognition carries additional credence because it is underpinned by Finnforest’s membership of the Timber Decking and Cladding Association.


Architects and specifiers can now select Finnforest Thermowood with the added peace of mind that the timber has been tested and recognised as fit for cladding and decking purposes in line with both British and European standards.

Produced from high quality sustainably sourced Finnish redwood, Finnforest Thermowood is a very durable, low maintenance and visually stimulating cladding material. With a rich deep brown colour it can be installed as a fit and forget solution, gradually fading to a pleasing silver grey over time. Alternatively the timber can be stained to retain its strength of colour.

These characteristics are achieved through intense thermal treatment at 212oC in steam-heated kilns. The resulting changes in the chemical and physical structure of the wood produce a material that will not shrink, warp, distort or leak resin and that will last considerably longer than conventional softwood timber cladding. Finnforest Thermowood is dimensionally stable and requires no additional chemical preservative to retain these durable characteristics.

Phil Nash, Specification Manager for Finnforest Thermowood said: “CE marking and the conformation with both British and European standards for quality and durability is becoming an increasingly important consideration for specifiers. With a huge choice of different timber cladding products on the market, the CE mark provides reassurance to specifiers and their clients that a suitable product is being used for the job. The CE mark for Finnforest Themowood also sets it apart as a high quality, tried and trusted cladding solution.”