The show must go on, thanks to Finnforest's plywood

Specification for a number of leading events

Published: 28/01/2009 00:00

Finnforest’s construction grade Plywood has been specified by the UK’s leading supplier of stage rigging, support, construction and design services for use in stage sets for a number of high profile events across the country.


Star Events has used Finnforest plywood in the construction of stage floors and sets, for R.E.M, Coldplay and Beyonce concerts and also for the Queen Victoria cruise liner launch platform, in Southampton.

Made from birch or spruce, Finnforest’s plywood material is produced from peeled veneer lengths, which are then glued together, layer by layer with an EN 636-3 glue, and then cut to a range of different lengths and thickness for use in a variety of different applications.

In addition to its PEFC accreditation, Finnforest Plywood is also EN636-2S and BS5268-2 certified, making it ideal for use in projects which legally require a structural timber to be used. The inert strength of Finnforest’s Plywood means that thinner spans can be used in suspended floor projects without compromising its strength or load bearing properties, meaning less material can be used, and project cost savings can be made as a consequence.

Roger Barrett, Group Development Director of Star Events Group chose Finnforest’s Plywood due to its hard wearing and slip resistant nature, “We rely on the Phenolic faced plywood to give the quality surface needed and to ensure that, critically, it remains non-slip, even in the many summer deluges we have been experiencing.”

He continued, “In addition, we were impressed with the robust nature of Finnforest’s Plywood, which allows us to provide a durable and hard wearing timber surface for our stage sets, that can withstand extremes of weight and prolonged use.”

Star Events are the UK’s leading supplier of stage rigging, support, construction and design services. Their award winning stages are designed with safety in mind and can be customised specifically to the requirements of the event.