Engineered timber aids delivery of new library roof design

Wymondham, Norfolk

Published: 28/04/2009 00:00

Wymondham, Norfolk, has recently been provided with a new library building incorporating Finnforest’s Glulam, an engineered timber that was specified for its strength and aesthetic qualities to create a stepped rotunda style roof for the modern building design.

Wymondham Library2.JPG

To make the design of the building a reality, Newnham & Abel, specialist steel suppliers to the construction industry, created a hybrid structure comprising of 50% steel and 50% timber.

Steve Holtz, Architectural Director for NPS, decided to use Glulam due to its increased strength and aesthetic qualities, “We wanted to make a feature of the roof due to its unusual design and decided to incorporate Finnforest’s Glulam alongside the steel counterparts as it offered both strength and aesthetic advantages. These qualities meant the Glulam beams were left exposed inside the building, providing an additional feature to the interior space.”

“By working directly with Finnforest, the Glulam sections were manufactured to our specifications, allowing a ‘jigsaw’ style construction once the steel beams were in place. Considering the scale of the build, this method offered a considerable time saving benefit over other constructional timbers.”

Glulam is a versatile and technically advanced material ideal for use in demanding construction projects. Its exceptional strength makes it especially suited for use in the load bearing structure of buildings where architectural beauty is key to the brief.

Glulam is made from timber lamellas that are cut following the grain and then glued together. The manufacturing method makes it possible to produce very long spanning sections for architecturally challenging projects, such as those in the Wymondham Library project.