Fast, Light and Green photo series

Fast, Light and Green photo series captures the essence of the future of building

Metsä Wood’s photo series with award-winning Finnish photographer Kimmo Syväri captures the aesthetic features of wood from a new perspective, but also holds a deeper meaning. Megatrends such as urbanization and climate change present new challenges for construction sector. It is high time to see the possibilities of wood through new eyes. The essence of fast, light and green building is manifested in Kimmo Syväri’s photographs, who hopes to inspire construction professionals through his art.

Familiar architectural and conceptual approaches capture the eye

The series includes photographs with both architectural and more conceptual themes. Syväri reveals that the seemingly effortless and straightforward images required a lot of planning from the whole creative team.


  • Kerto® LVL skyscraper
  • Kerto® LVL Bridge
  • Kerto® LVL Tower


  • Kerto® LVL leaf
  • Kerto® LVL roof
  • Kerto® LVL highway


  • Kerto® LVL Flame
  • Kerto® LVL Forest
  • Kerto® LVL Pillars

Fast, Light, Green articles

In the Fast, Light and Green article series, we open up the possibilities of  Kerto® LVL

How we build now and in the future is critical to economic growth, human wellbeing, and our global climate. In the Fast, Light and Green series Metsä Wood opens up the possibilities of more sustainable, material efficient and productive construction through premium Kerto® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber).The series provides insightful – even surprising – perspectives on why wood materials are often the superior choice over concrete or steel. We’ve also invited a diverse group of professionals who share our passion for wood to contribute their opinions and insights.


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Fast, Light and Green photo series