B&Q provides a large range of Metsä Wood's timber products for consumers

B&Q DIY store chain

Location UK
Customer B&Q
Products Used Kerto LVL, Nordic premium timber
Number of stores 300+

Large range of timber products for consumers


B&Q, part of the Kingfisher Group, is the largest DIY (do-it-yourself) retailer in the UK and the third largest in the world.

Over 15 years ago B&Q faced the growing need to source a wide range of timber and timber-based products. Key requirements were that these products be of consistent quality, and arrive precisely when and where customers needed them.


B&Q and Metsä Wood have a close partnership and the key to its success is joint planning; Metsä constantly receives point-of-sale information from B&Q with 12-month rolling forecast. In addition, we plan how to grow the business together.

Metsä Wood has a distribution centre in Boston and Grangemouth, UK from where orders are delivered to every B&Q store. With over 400 products in various categories, the need for delivery accuracy and efficiency is paramount. Single point delivery bar codes mean that store managers can instantly book in arriving products – saving significant time and money.


From sustainably managed Finnish forest – all the way to a B&Q retail store, Metsä delivers on its promises – end to end.

A well established, strategic partnership between B&Q and Metsä Wood consistently delivers solutions applicable not only for other wood product retailers worldwide, but for builder wholesalers as well.

Search references

Hurlingham ​​​Racquet Centre construction with wood elements

2016 / Building and Construction

Hurlingham Racquet Centre

The Hurlingham Club Racquet Center got a light roof structure with Kerto® LVL elements. The sunken low-profile shape and a curved green sedum roof minimize the environmental impact of the building.

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2010 / Building and Construction

One Main office

Wooden interior design of One Main office shows the astounding possibilities of Kerto LVL. The client’s vision was to make their office space convey true commitment to environmental sustainability.

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2016 / Building and Construction

Clamart Sport Centre

The Clamart sports centre shows innovative use of Kerto® LVL. The complex shape was enabled by long spans, freedom of curvature and high connection strength.

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2017 / Building and Construction

Dome of Visions 3.0

The wooden Dome of Visions in Aarhus, Denmark, provides inspiration for a future with more sustainable and climate-friendly timber construction.

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SI-modular wood framing system

Industrial Applications

SI-modular wood framing system

SI-Modular has developped a wood framing system aimed at the one and two-storey house construction. With this system, the houses are constructed in timber completely without screws, using interlocking connections.

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Stay okay hostel

2015 / Building and Construction

Dutch Stay Okay hostel

The Stayokay hostel in Bergen op Zoom is unique regarding the special manner in which the constructive Kerto-Ripa wooden floors have been applied.

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Cockfield Windmill – conversion to accommodation using Kerto® LVL

Building and Construction

Cockfield Windmill – conversion to accommodation using Kerto® LVL

Cockfield Windmill is a windmill structure converted to accommodation for holiday lets. Kerto-Q LVL was used to form the curved rib structure.

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Wooden extension to an apartment block in Helsinki

2016 / Building and Construction

Rakuunantie extention storey

An additional storey for an apartment block was constructed using Kerto-Ripa® (LVL – laminated veneer lumber) wooden roof elements.

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