CityBOX box vans are strong and lightweight

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CityBOX box vans – lightweight, ecological and extremely durable

CityBOX is the market leader in its field in the Netherlands, with rapidly growing market shares across Europe. CityBOX manufactures lightweight box vans – enclosed cargo boxes that are mounted on a vehicle. The company specializes in 3,5-5,0 tonne vehicles and works in close cooperation with leading car manufacturers. The demand for lightweight transport vehicles is growing hand in hand with increasing online sales. Vehicles with lightweight and economical CityBOX bodies are also ideal for driving into city centres that restrict entry for vehicles that do not meet emission standards. Metsä Wood’s industrially durable Birch Ply Deck XL is used as flooring in all standard CityBOX bodies: it is lightweight, sustainable, dimensionally stable and strong – and its wire-mesh surface is slip resistant.

  Lightweight birch plywoodsaves time

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Deck XL birch plywood is used as flooring in all standard CityBOX bodies

Metsä Wood supplies flooring for all standard CityBOX box vans: Deck XL birch plywood, cut exactly to the required sizes. The lightweight panels save time in the assembly phase as they are easy to machine and fasten.

Assembling a CityBOX starts by constructing a sub-frame of aluminium crossbars and longitudinal beams, which matches exactly the vehicle it will be mounted on. An aluminium profile frame is then manufactured, where the Birch Ply Deck XL panels are fitted into, creating a lightweight and sustainable loading floor.

The lightweight Deck XL panels are easy to handle. The panels are first lifted into the aluminium profile frame with a vacuum lift. Holes are then drilled through the floor and the sub-frame, and the flooring is screwed to the frame with high quality Torx screws.

The side, front and roof panels are produced according to specific customer demands. Next, all constructed parts are built-up on a special bridge and the roof panel is attached. The box is then moved to another hall, where the finishing touch is laid and the box undergoes careful inspection to ensure quality. After this the completed box is rolled out of the factory and is ready to transport to the customer.

“We chose Metsä Wood as our flooring supplier for several reasons. Deck XL has a long life-span and Metsä Wood provides it in exactly the dimensions we require, which saves valuable time in manufacturing,” remarks William Visser, CityBOX Sales Manager, Europe.

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  Environmental issues are a high priority

Deck XL birch plywood is lightweight, sustainable and has a long life span

Ecological issues are a high priority to CityBOX, because environmentally friendly zones are becoming increasingly common in urban areas around Europe. More than 200 cities across Europe already have Low Emission Zones. In order to be allowed into these zones, vehicles must meet strict emission standards .

CityBOX caters to this need, producing lightweight, ecological box vans that ensure less pollution, decreased fuel consumption and more loading capacity – and thus higher payloads for its customers. Deck XL birch plywood used in CityBOX flooring is produced from sustainable, high-quality Finnish birch. The lightweight material has a long lifespan and it does not add any unnecessary weight to CityBOX vans.


  Slip-resistant and durableplywood flooring

  • CityBox box vans
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  • CityBOX box vans

Deck XL birch plywood meets CityBOX’s high standards for quality and safety

CityBOX customers have high requirements for safety and durability. Rigid and hard-wearing Deck XL birch plywood used as flooring in CityBOX vans meets the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Deck XL is overlaid with phenol film with a rough wire mesh pattern. This creates a hard, slip-resistant surface, which is highly resistant to abrasion and rolling wear. Deck XL flooring withstands impacts and other forms of bruising, and the moisture resistant surface is easy to clean with water or steam.

“Quality is always our first priority. The idea of lowering our standards is laughable to us. Once a CityBOX is fitted on a vehicle it is almost unheard of having one come in for repairs. Deck XL meets our needs because it is ecological, lightweight, and easy to handle, yet very strong. Also, the wire-mesh surface of Deck XL is slip-resistant – that is an important safety-feature that our customers almost always ask about when discussing orders,” says Visser.


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