Concrete formwork from PERI

Location P.O. Box 1264, 89259 Germany
Products Used Birch Ply
End-Use Birch plywood for concrete formwork systems in construction

PERI praises the high-quality finish of birch plywood in concrete formwork

​PERI uses Metsä Wood’s birch plywood in its concrete formwork systems. The Birch Ply panels are used to construct tall concrete walls and slabs on construction sites and to provide the necessary industrial durability. Most importantly, birch plywood gives a high-quality finish that meets the needs of construction companies. Lucia Häger, Head of Global Sourcing, and Andreas Spiegl from the R&D Department were interviewed for the reference story.

Birch plywoodfor concrete formwork systems  

PERI has been in the formwork business since 1969, and over the years it has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of formwork systems. Birch Ply FormPLUS is used for constructing high, fair-faced concrete walls for buildings and Birch Ply Form is used to produce slabs for floor-by-floor towers, for example.

PERI’s systems consist of a steel frame and birch plywood slabs creating a mould. Concrete is poured into the mould, and after the floor wall or slab has dried out, the slabs can be detached and used for the next layer.

​Birch Ply FormPLUS and Birch Ply Form are part of PERI’s formwork in concrete construction

​The moisture-repellent surface of Metsä Wood Birch Ply panels minimise the rippling effect and give the concrete a really smooth surface.

​Birch Ply FormPLUS and Birch Ply Form are known for their industrial durability. For example, the Maximo formwork system, equipped with Birch Ply FormPLUS, can be used as many as 120 times.

Bolts for formwork

​Bolts for formwork are easy to fasten to birch plywood

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Birch plywood is a strong and rigid, dimensionally stable material, which makes it an ideal material for heavy-use applications. Metsä Wood Form and FormPLUS panels have a special surface consisting of a smooth and durable phenolic film. The surface is moisture-resistant and tolerates commonly used chemicals, as well as diluted acids and alkalis.

“When our end customer has ordered a building with high requirements, Metsä Wood birch plywood plays a key role in formwork. It minimizes the rippling effect and gives the concrete a really high-quality surface,” explains the R&D Department at PERI.

PERI favours birch plywood in formwork, as birch plywood has the best price–performance level compared to other materials. 

Industrial durability– reusable panels

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Metsä Wood’s Birch Ply panels are durable and designed for heavy use. On construction sites, PERI’s customers use the formwork system over and over again. When one piece of the wall or slab is done, the panels are cleaned to be used again. The film surface of Birch Ply Form and FormPLUS products is easy to clean, making the work quicker. The end customers value the industrial durability of Metsä Wood birch plywood and PERI’s hands-on help at the construction site.

When the work goes as planned and the formwork is cleaned properly, the Birch Ply panels in the Maximo system can be used dozens of times, and Birch Ply FormPLUS can be used as many as 120 times.

PERI buys Birch Ply FormPLUS and Birch Ply Form in about ten different sizes. The Birch Ply panels are delivered in tailored sizes and with a custom film, which saves time on the construction site. PERI’s and Metsä Wood’s logos are both visible on the film surface on top of the birch plywood panels to make it easily recognisable.

Long-lasting cooperationand connection

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

PERI and Metsä Wood have been cooperating since the 1980s. This close cooperation ensures the quality and that customers’ needs are fulfilled. PERI meticulously tests all birch plywood panels.
“Metsä Wood and we listen closely to each other, and we have really deep discussions all the time. This is how you make customers happy,” says PERI.

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