Kerto LVL used in wooden terminal building for DB Schenker

DB Schenker wooden terminal building

Location Tikkurilantie 147, Vantaa Finland
Building Year 2013
Architect Erki Valdre
Structural Design A-insinöörit
Constructor Rakennuttajatoimisto HTJ Oy
Customer DB Schenker
Products Used Kerto-Ripa, Kerto LVL
Type Industrial And Agricultural Buildings

Kerto LVL in large scale industrial buildings – cost-efficient and quick assembly

​​​​​“We wanted a fresh approach and a partner that could deliver cost-effectiveness, a fast schedule, and environmental values that met our needs. We are 100% satisfied with Metsä’s delivery as it was the most competitive overall.”

DB Schenker real estate director, Marco Furu. 


Transport and logistics company DB Schenker needed a trusted, competitive partner to provide the structures for their terminal extension in Vantaa, Finland.

The client was looking for a fresh approach – a partner that could deliver cost-effectiveness, a fast schedule, and environmental values that met their needs.



DB Schenker chose Metsä Wood for several compelling reasons. Our prefabricated frame and Kerto® LVL roof elements enable the quick assembly which allowed the work to get off to an efficient start – thus shortening the overall construction time.

Metsä's smaller carbon footprint and cost-effectiveness compared with, for example steel construction, were also advantages.

Rapid construction, lightness, and durability are benefits of all Metsä Wood's products.


The client is fully satisfied with Metsä's delivery. Not only were the predefined schedule, build-quality and economic targets met, but Metsä's spirit of collaborative partnership was seamless, flexible and transparent from end to end.

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