Hapert trailers

Location Handelsweg 13, 5527 AL Hapert Netherlands
Customer Hapert
Products Used Birch Ply
End-Use Trailers for demanding customers, for example construction and landscaping companies.

Hapert trailers are made with industrially durable birch plywood

Hapert trailers are built to endure demanding daily usage. Metsä Wood’s birch plywood products provide the industrial durability required for strong and robust Hapert trailers. Trailer floors are made of large Birch Ply Deck XL panels. Birch Ply Flex products are used for side walls of the cargo trailers.


Up to 6-metre wall panels and 5-metre flooring from birch plywood

The trailer manufacturing company Hapert is based in the Netherlands, and its trailers are sold through a dealer-network all over Europe. The company has been in the business for over 50 years, and manufactures only made-to-order trailers. Hapert’s product catalogue includes open trailers, tipper trailers, platform trailers, cargo trailers and basic trailers. All products  can be ordered as standard models or tailored options, with for example an extra axle or extra dimension.

Hapert trailers are mainly sold to demanding customers such as construction companies and landscaping businesses. The trailers are tailor-made to meet specific preferences, with dimensions ranging up to 2.4-metre wide and 6-metre long trailers.

“We make the best trailers on the market. We never settle for average quality; we strive for perfection. Metsä Wood supplies all the plywood used in our trailers,” says Marc Smetsers, Operations Manager at Hapert.

Birch Ply Deck XL is an ideal trailer flooring material, because even the largest trailer beds can be made from one large continuous plywood sheet. This ensures strong trailer beds that meet customers’ high demands on quality and reliability.

In its cargo trailers Hapert offers customers two wall panel options, Birch Ply Flex and Flex Smooth. The even finish of Flex Smooth is optimal for customers who wish to add their own company logo or other graphics on their trailer, while the slightly more textured Flex offers a durable finish that will stand the test of time.

The anti-slip layer on Deck birch plywood floor panels is an important safety feature, especially for customers using their trailers to transport heavier machinery. The moisture resistant finishes, as well as the improved wear and scratch resistance, and easy-to clean surfaces of all the birch plywood used by Hapert help make its trailers extremely strong.

MARC SMETSERSJarkko Joonala, Rakennusliike Olavi Järvinen

Lightweight birch plywood

Lightweight birch plywood panels are easy to install

Hapert takes pride in its well-honed production process. Thus dependable delivery times and lightweight yet robust material that is easy to assemble are both important criteria in selecting plywood suppliers.

“Metsä Wood’s products are sustainable, lightweight and easy to install, yet very strong. The quality is very stable, and unlike many other companies, Metsä Wood offers plywood in the dimensions we require, measuring up to 2.4 metres wide, with up to 5 metres long flooring and 6 metres long side walls,” says Smetsers.

Once work starts on an order at Hapert, the trailer frame is first welded by a robot in approximately 0.5 to 1 hour; after which it is sent to a partner company to be hot-dip galvanized. After the galvanized frame returns to Hapert, assembling is finished within 2-2.5 hours. Birch Ply Deck trailer flooring, and Flex and Flex Smooth walls are all lightweight birch plywood, which helps ensure that Hapert’s efficient manufacturing process proceeds without a hitch. The large plywood sheets are easy to assemble, as the flooring and walls can be rapidly lifted in place with a vacuum lift and then bolted securely to the trailer. After finishing touches, the ready trailer is swiftly transported to the customer.

”We chose Metsä Wood as our supplier because it has the right products for us and accurate delivery – a critical factor for us. We can rely on Metsä Wood to meet our very high demands regarding durability,” Smetsers concludes.

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