Klebl uses Metsä Wood XL plywood to concrete elements of highest quality

Klebl GmbH – birch plywood for concrete formwork

Location Germany
Customer Klebl GmbH
Products Used Birch Ply
End-Use Formwork plywood for casting large concrete elements

Birch plywood for good quality and durability

“Working with Metsä Wood, we get great quality and reliability. Most importantly, the lifespan of each plywood sheet is long as they can be used many times. The durability is excellent.”
Werner Feihl, Director of Formwork, Klebl GmbH



Concrete element manufacturer Klebl GmbH is one of the biggest building companies in Germany. Its six factories around Germany use Metsä Wood’s Form XL plywood in casting large concrete elements where smooth surface, good quality and durability seal the deal.

When Klebl started to build a huge logistics center in South Germany, strict requirements were placed on the wall facades, posing a great challenge for the company. Approximately 360 white concrete elements were manufactured at Klebl’s prefabricated elements factory in a wide range of formwork variations. Here, Metsä Wood Form XL formwork plywood was indispensable, fulfilling all criteria for exposed concrete.


Klebl wanted to be able to cast big concrete elements so that the surfaces are smooth and of highest quality. By using Metsä Wood’s birch plywood in XL sizes, they can use less plywood sheets which makes the manufacturing faster and result in fewer visible joints in the finished concrete surface. Other advantages include that it’s possible to draw on the light coloured panel surface, which help out in the measurements.

Consistent quality is important for Klebl – that is why they keep using Metsä Wood’s products and are also substituting other products with Metsä’s. Other manufactures cannot, for example, guarantee the same strength values.


Klebl has used Metsä’s plywood for some 20 years. They are extremely happy about consistent quality and durability, which means that they can use each plywood sheet for even 50 times; First where the casting and joinery needs to be superb, and after that in places where the concrete elements are not exposed.

During the past five years, the cooperation between Klebl and Metsä Wood has deepened as they are studying and testing different surface overlays together. Also technical customer service is on a good level whenever Klebl needs assistance.

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