Linnanfältti – wooden apartment buildings

Case Linnanfältti: How to build an apartment building with Kerto LVL elements?

​Linnanfältti is a modern wooden residential area in the centre of Turku, close to the Turku Castle and the Port of Turku. The area is one of the largest wooden apartment building construction projects in Finland. Some 1,500 people will have homes there. Kruunuasunnot is the developer and NCC the construction company.

Kruunuasunnot, the developer for the Linnanfältti construction project, choose NCC as the construction company. VVR Wood is responsible for manufacturing and installing all the prefabricated wood elements of the buildings. Metsä Wood has produced the Kerto LVL used in all the wood elements.

Now you can follow how a multi-storey apartment building can be constructed using Kerto LVL wood elements. We will show how things proceed from the element factory to the roof in this case example. There are plenty of other ways of building a wooden multi-storey building. Some other examples are available at Open Source Wood platform.

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